Burglars vandalize Trezevant High School, steal school keys

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Burglars broke into Trezevant High School over the course of the weekend. They broke multiple windows, according to Memphis Police Department.

When a school employee arrived Monday morning, he noticed the electronic devices were left on the floor and the door to the principal's office was open. He called law enforcement and police arrived to investigate.

They discovered the principal's office ransacked, with two lock boxes broken into and open.

Additionally, the school's principal said several cell phones were stolen from his desk. The cell phones belonged to students at the school and they had been confiscated.

The keys to the school were also taken from a closet, as well as candy from the vending machine.

"I'm surprised it happened," Reginald Taylor said.

Taylor lives across from Trezevant High School and had no idea there was a break in and vandalism over the weekend.

"I'm very shocked because I live in the neighborhood and it feels dangerous knowing that somebody is breaking into the school," fifth grader Cameron Dooley said. "If they did all of that, they should be expelled if they are students or took to jail because you don't break into a school and take cell phones and keys to the school."

School security said they received multiple alarms between 7:20 a.m. and 11:57 p.m. on March 17, but Memphis Police Department was not contacted regarding the alarms.

Last month a student was arrested after being accused of spray painting the principal's car as part of a senior prank.

"They need to be more involved in church activities or neighborhood community centers and to things that bring the community back together," Cornelius DeWayne Anthony Sr. said.

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