Vicious stray dogs kill family pet, could place children in danger

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

CORDOVA, TN (WMC) - One family has already lost their beloved family pet because of vicious dogs, and now they're warning others about the dangers to children in Cordova.

The Burrows family never imagined they would fall so deep in love with a fun loving black Labrador Retriever. It's the family dog they waited years to get and became part of the family.

His name was Buddy.

"It's our dog. It's our precious dog and he was part of the family," Gaie Burrows said. "It's left a gaping hole."

The yard where Buddy once played was the place where he lost his life. It's now also his final resting place.

Burrows said her dog was viciously attacked by stray dogs.

"He said 'mom, did you see Buddy?'" she said.

Burrows said Friday, February 24, was when her dog got loose from her backyard. At around the same time, two vicious dogs were roaming on her five acres of property and found Buddy before she did.

Buddy was left dead in a lake on her neighbor's property.

"He's laying in the water, dead," Burrows said.

The dogs didn't only kill Buddy, however. A neighbor said that same night he had 15 of his goats killed by the same two dogs.

Now, Burrows is worried a child could be in danger.

"Knowing that this could have happened to a child is horrifying," she said.

Burrows lives across the street from an elementary school and fears a child could be next if the dogs are not captured.

The last image of Buddy may have been traumatic, but the Burrows are relying on the three years of happy memories to help get them through.

"It was total shock, because you don't expect to see them like that," Burrows said.

Memphis Animal Services said when someone or something is hurt, it increases the priority.

"Anytime a person or animal is harmed, that elevates the priority for us at MAS. Our animal control officers have returned to Sanga Creek Road several times to try to locate the dogs, we have reached out to the family to get more information, and we are working diligently to capture the dogs. At this time, this is the only call about these dogs we've received."

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