Following the move over law saves lives

Following the move over law saves lives

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Law enforcement agencies are asking everyone to remember the "move over" law.

Lieutenant Cary Hopkins has been a Tennessee State Trooper for more than 30 years. Often cars speed by him while he's on the side of the road and in his words "dust his pants."

"They come flying by you," Hopkins said. "It's all about your safety."

So he knows the importance of the "move over" law that was enacted more than a decade ago.

The law states if emergency vehicles are on the side of the road, drivers either have to move over to the left lane or slow down.

Still, not everyone abides by that law.

"We're out there trying to protect you," Hopkins said. "So we're asking you to help protect us."

Failing to move over could cost you up to $500. The consequences though could mean more than lost money. It could mean lives lost too.

In 2016 three TDOT employees died after getting hit by vehicles. The next time you see those flashing lights, move over and keep everyone safe so emergency workers can stay protected as they protect and serve the public.

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