DOJ: Bust results in 14 gang members arrested, weapons and cash seized

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - United States Attorney's Office said a large majority of 29 wanted individuals were arrested Monday night for illegally having drugs and weapons.

Acting U.S. Attorney Lawrence Laurenzi said law enforcement officials executed 11 search warrants in Shelby County and DeSoto County in order to arrest the individuals who had been indicted by a grand jury.

The arrest warrants resulted from two indictments that investigators were working simultaneously. One of the indictments was specifically directed at the activities of a violent gang in Shelby County known as the Young Mob.

"The Young Mob is a violent gang that operates here in Shelby County, and they are actively engaged in the selling of narcotics and are actively engaged in the trafficking of firearms," Laurenzi said. "This young gang has an affection for military-style weapons."

Laurenzi said the focus of the investigation was directed at the trafficking of firearms in and around Shelby County. He said more than 40 firearms, many of para military style, had been taken off the street and 14 people are facing a total of 17 charges.

Those arrested are:

  • Rodriccos Broadnax, 22, of Memphis - AKA "Rico"
  • Jerome Taylor, 56, of Memphis - AKA "Rome", AKA "Three Pop"
  • Teeka Shannon, 34, of Memphis
  • Angela Weaver, 41, of Memphis
  • Richard Cobb, 48, of Bartlett
  • Paul Williams, 33, of Lakeland
  • Arteleious Ingram, 29, of Memphis - AKA "Bloc"
  • Brandon Davidson, 29 of Memphis - AKA "Millwood", AKA "LIL B"
  • Shalandria Jackson, 24, of Memphis - AKA "Pumpkin"
  • Travus Banks, AKA "Puncho"
  • Cordarius Frost, AKA "Red", AKA "Lil Red"
  • Antwaun Matthews, AKA "Twaun", AKA "Mobhomie Twaun"
  • Ronnell Ross, AKA "BG"
  • Cortney Williams, AKA "CC"
  • Darrell Booth, AKA "Boo", AKA "Pauntell"
  • Rubin Hampton
  • Johnquis Jones, AKA "Bug"
  • Anthony Allen, AKA "UNC"
  • Dakein Pack
  • Carlus Johnson
  • Shavita Hampton
  • Angela Boyd, AKA "Auntie"
  • Tori Dickson

In addition to the firearms, 15 digital scales, a large amount of ammunition and magazines, and $85,000 were confiscated.

Laurenzi said the second indictment included three members of the Young Mob. That indictment was regarding illegal drugs.

"That organization operated as a drug store here in Shelby County for the sale of illegal drugs," Laurenzi said. "This organization would provide oxycodone, whether it was cocaine, whether it was crystal meth, marijuana, all of these were readily available for purchase."

He also said investigators were seeking to recover $7 million that they believe the gang members earned from the sale of illegal drugs.

Laurenzi said the bust sends a message to those who continue to participate in illegal activities in Shelby County.

"This type of criminal activity in Shelby County, it has to stop," Laurenzi said. "If you're not going to stop, if you're going to continue to deal in drugs, you're going to continue to deal in firearms, we're going to find you. We're going to arrest you."

The bust also, according to District Attorney Mike Dunavant, shows the partnership between various agencies in the area.

"I think this also highlights the good work of our state and local officials at really developing evidence and intelligence that we can share with our federal partners," Dunavant said. "Gun crime and drug crime does not stop at the county line. It doesn't even stop at the state line."

The case started with an investigation in Tipton County, which ran into Shelby County. Dunavant said the result of this bust is a safer environment.

"These guns are very dangerous on the streets," Dunavant said. "They were dangerous in the hands of people who want to purchase them for various reasons."

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