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ANDY'S CONSUMER TIP OF THE DAY: choosing a tax preparer

ANDY'S CONSUMER TIP OF THE DAY: Choosing a tax preparer

(Source: Better Business Bureau) (Source: Better Business Bureau)

Tonight at 10, you'll see a big pay-day for a Mid-South taxpayer after he sues one of the best known tax prep companies in the country for fraud and misrepresentations on his tax return. What the company's tax-preparer did to his return was so bad, it triggered an IRS audit that cost him thousands of dollars.

Two years since that audit and four months after a court judgment, our taxpayer's finally getting that money back and then some. See what happens tonight at 10.

The whole thing got me thinking: you really shouldn't hire a tax-preparer until you read the Better Business Bureau's advice on how to choose the right one. The bureau talks about the pros and cons of hiring a national service versus a local service, what an "enrolled agent" means and what questions you should ask your tax pro before he or she goes to work on your return.

Link to the bureau's advice inside the embedded link in the last paragraph or in this one right here.

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