Memphis among cities most impacted by 'TrumpCare'

Memphis among cities most impacted by 'TrumpCare'

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - With the long-awaited Republican response to Obamacare, the American Health Care Act, now before Congress, personal-finance website conducted an in-depth analysis of 2017's cities most affected by the so-called Trumpcare.  Among large cities, Memphis is the 5th most-affected city in the country.

Estimates are that the average health insurance premium will rise 15-20 percent in the next two years under the new plan, and federal tax credits expected to decrease. To gauge the impact on people who buy their own insurance, WalletHub's analysts compared 457 U.S. cities based on the differences in premium subsidies that the average household would receive under Obamacare and Trumpcare.

The large cities most affected by the new health plan, and the loss in subsidies per household:

  1. Tulsa, OK (-$3,225)
  2. Charlotte, NC (-$2,875)
  3. Mesa, AZ (-$2,016)
  4. Phoenix, AZ (-$1,962)
  5. Memphis, TN (-$1,826)
  6. Oklahoma City, OK (-$1,683)
  7. Philadelphia, PA (-$1,575)
  8. New Orleans, LA (-$839)
  9. New York, NY (-$782)
  10. Milwaukee, WI (-$707)

Overall, the cities losing the most under the new plan:

  1. Yuma, AZ (-$7,815)
  2. Anchorage, AK (-$7,748)
  3. Syracuse, NY (-$6,398)
  4. Reading, PA (-$6,149)
  5. Chattanooga, TN (-$5,786)
  6. Greenville, NC (-$5,067)
  7. Fayetteville, NC (-$4,687)
  8. Birmingham, AL (-$4,494)
  9. Wichita Fall, TX (-$4,434)
  10. Asheville, NC (-$4,232)

To see the complete list of 457 cities, click here. go to