Meet the Mid-South's Best Dad!

This is the nomination for Joe Short, selected as our winner!

Tell us why your dad is the Mid-South's best!:

My name is Sam and I am 4 years old. My daddy should win for alot of reasons.

On September 11th when I was 3 months old he was deployed to the Pentagon with the [Tennessee] Task Force [One]. My mommy was so scared. We were even on your news when he came home!

He takes me fishing whenever I want to go. He lets come to the firestation and lets me and little sister ride the fire truck. It's the best! He cuts grass when he is not at the station so that my mommy can stay home with me and my sister.

He really needs a great fathers day, because me and sister and my mommy love [him] sooo much!

He is the number 1 daddy in the world!


Sam and Emma