Mother begs St. Jude for more time to move after child dies from cancer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The parents of a girl who died from cancer have only days to find a new place to live and are begging for just a little more time.

Victoria Armstrong said she's getting kicked out of the place she's called home for a year without much notice.
"I would never want another family to go through what they've put us through," Armstrong said.  
Armstrong says her toddler, Gionna Philip, died from leukemia a week ago at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. On top of their grief, she didn't expect to be looking for a place to live before her daughter was even cremated.
"They come to the door, banging like police, saying you need to be out by five," Armstrong said.  
She says they told her it was policy after 72 hours the family would need to leave their apartment at Target House in scenarios like this.

However, Armstrong and Phillip's father Linus said this was the first they heard of such a policy.
"We never knew we had 72 hours to vacate that was never told to us," Phillip said.  
St. Jude representatives said usually families leave after 72 hours if a child dies, but they do work with each families' needs on a case by case basis.

"Because of patient privacy and confidentiality laws, we are not able to speak about any particular patient or family. But I can tell you that we deeply grieve the loss of any child and understand what an extremely emotional time it is for families. Because of this, we work with each family to ease their transition as much as possible."

Additionally, they have a waiting list for families in need of living spaces at Target House with children under their care.
"I can understand that because we were in the same situation, we waited on," Armstrong said. 
Still Armstrong says all they want is time and patience to move out while dealing with their loss.
"It's taken away our time to grieve her," Armstrong said. "We haven't really been able to sit back and absorb the fact that she's gone."

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