Mother who lied, triggering unnecessary Amber Alert faces judge

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The mother who lied to police about her child being kidnapped, triggering a false Amber Alert, faced a judge Monday.

Elbenie Edwards' son lives with her family. That's the same child she claimed was abducted during a carjacking. Shortly after she made that false claim, law enforcement issued an unnecessary Amber Alert.

None of Edwards' family members were in court as she stood before a judge for false reporting charges. Edwards became emotional when talking to the judge about her bond.

Isaiah Edwards, 1, is safe with family members and was all smiles Thursday after his mother sent police on a wild goose chase.

Edwards said Isaiah was kidnapped in a carjacking at a Hickory Hill gas station.

Shaquille Wideman was found a few hours later in the stolen car, but police said Edwards' story was a lie. Little Isaiah had been with family members the entire time.

His aunt said she had custody of him since he was 3 months old. She gained custody of him after a Department of Children's Services investigation.

"She needs to go to jail," Isaiah's cousin, Felicia Tate, said. "That baby didn't--he didn't ask to be here."

During her arraignment Monday, Edwards cried after the judge explained her bond was $5,000.

Already out on bail, Wideman faced a judge for charges with theft of property.

Outside the courtroom, he wouldn't speak on camera but claimed he didn't know Edwards and said it was all a misunderstanding.

Perhaps a misunderstanding Wideman and Edwards can explain when they both face a judge again April 3.

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