Thieves bump into car, rob driver when he stops to check damage

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis Police Department is searching for the two people they said robbed a man, then stole his car on Interstate 55 near the Brooks Road exit in Whitehaven.

Bradley Brown is still reliving every second after he was carjacked and robbed near Brooks Road Tuesday morning on I-55 after a long shift at FedEx.

"I lost my car, lost my stuff," Brown said.

He said it all happened after someone crashed into his PT cruiser.

"I figured stop, check the damage, get information and call police," Brown said.

What happened instead, however, was anything but normal.  

"When I got out to check the damage, the passenger pulled out two 9mms and said 'empty your pockets,'" Brown said.

He said two men forced him on the ground on his face at gunpoint and robbed him.

"There was no choice for me to do what they told me to do, because I didn't want to get shot," Brown said.

Brown said the men took everything, including his cellphone, wallet, keys, and work ID.

They even took his PT Cruiser, which he says police recovered on Germantown road. He said after it all happened, he walked almost five miles home to Southaven.

"I don't ever want to have to walk that far again," Brown said.

For Brown, it was a big lesson learned.

"Don't pull over on the interstate, go to a gas station off the interstate to pull over that way if they want to try something there's more people would see," Brown said.

Police say if you are ever involved in a crash, call police, be alert, and pull over in a well-lit area.

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