Memphians have seen 3 giraffe births live--take that April

Memphians have seen 3 giraffe births live--take that April

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - As the world waits for April the Giraffe to give birth live online, those of us in Memphis scoff at the hysteria, because we are old pros at Giraffe births.

In February 2016, Marilyn, a Memphis Zoo giraffe, gave birth to Kenzie.

Kenzie's birth happened while Marilyn was on exhibit. The event, while not streamed live to the world, was filmed by several visitors at the zoo.

As you can see, the birth of a giraffe can be quite shocking to watch.

Giraffes give birth while standing up, forcing the newborn to fall several feet to the ground. The birth can be confusing and concerning for those unfamiliar with the process until the calf begins moving and trying to stand up.

Memphis Zoo has hosted a few giraffe births over the last decade.

In addition to Kenzie, zoo visitors were able to see the births of Tamu in 2014 and Sesi in 2008. Below is video from Memphis Zoo of Sesi's birth.

Kenzie is the only one of those three giraffe babies that remains on exhibit at Memphis Zoo. Click here to learn more about how you can visit the zoo and see Memphis' giraffe herd.

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