Family of Zodiac Park shooting victim says more suspects should be arrested

Family of Zodiac Park shooting victim says more suspects should be arrested

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Grief has been overwhelming over the last five months for the family of the Alana Tello.

On Wednesday, they learned that the 17-year-old charged with the crime is being charged as an adult, but they say there are other people still out there who should be in jail.

The tears come and go, but for Alana's family and friends, their emotions always rise when they talk about the night she was killed and their fight for justice.
"Then why not tell police, why not come forward, why is everything a secret?" asked mother Christy Tello.  
Alana was killed last year in a shooting at Zodiac Park that injured five others.

Marcus Malone, 17, is facing 21 charges connected to the shooting, including second degree murder.

"If he had the guts to go out there and did this crime and did it as a man and took on as an act, then yes he should be tried as an adult," Christy said.  
Cristy says if the prosecution can prove Malone did the shooting, then he deserves whatever sentence is handed down.

However, she and friends like Taylor Bumpous, who was one of the individuals shot that night, say there are more arrests that need to be made.

"Show me that they care enough to look for the rest of the people, look into the people we told them about," Bumpous said.  
Through the grieving process, this tight knit circle has remained strong.
"Try our best to be there for each other," said friend Seth Bonetti.
That's what they plan to do while they wait for justice.

Malone's case is now held to state pending the grand jury.

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