Mid-South teacher indicted for sexual exploitation of minor

FAYETTE COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A Fayette County teacher was indicted Thursday on seven charges of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Kristin Phillips was a teacher at Rossville Christian Academy. Investigators said between August and December of 2016, Phillips engaged in sexual activity with a minor through the internet. Phillips is no longer listed on the school's website.

Phillips faces seven criminal counts including sexual exploitation by means of electronic communication as well as tampering with evidence.

Phillips is accused of showing two, then 17-year-olds, sexual material using electronic devices, sharing sexual material electronically between the two teens and then tried to dispose of the evidence.

Phillips attorney Mike Whittaker said Phillips does not deny the actions.

"It happened. It's one of those things that she'll be ashamed of this for the rest of her life," Whitaker said. "This is a good person we're talking about. Did something totally out of character, but it's hers - she owns it. So, we got to deal with it."

Whitaker said his client's behavior was sparked by other life-changing events in her life.

"There will be a defense and has to do with what was going on with her emotionally or psychologically," Whitaker said.

School officials said Phillips resigned December 12. That means, according to court documents, she left the school right before these alleged events ended.

Phillips, who is a mother, filed for divorce that same day on December 12.

Court documents show the events with the two teenagers started Aug. 1, 2016 and ended December 15 that year.

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