Armed robbers push, kick 1-year-old

HORN LAKE, MS (WMC) - A Horn Lake family on Ridgewood feels deceived, violated, and unsafe after two men pulled a gun on them in their driveway. They think the suspects planned the crime, scoping out the neighborhood.

A family friend says a man, a woman, and a baby girl didn't make it inside their front door when coming home from work late Wednesday night in Horn Lake before two men put a gun in their face.

"They started beating my friend, you know?" said Jose Garcia, who lives with the victims. "He got kind of hurt, hit on the head."

Garcia lives and works with the victims at the Pablano Mexican Restaurant. He says the suspects slammed the man's head into the front door. After that, everything went from bad to worse when the suspects targeted their 1-year-old, pushing her to the ground.

"They kicked the girl, the little girl," Garcia said.

The family thought about fighting back.

"You can't do nothing when they're pointing a gun to you," Garcia said.

Horn Lake Police say the two suspects got into a car driven by another man and sped off. Garcia told us they took iPhones, a wallet and a purse, and he thinks they were targeted.

"I'm pretty sure I saw that car a couple times outside," Garcia said.

The armed robbery and beating is leaving neighbors unsettled.

"Unsafe," said Shenyssa Blackman, who moved into the neighborhood just a few weeks ago. "Makes me feel like I may have made a bad decision to move in here."

Some are preparing to defend themselves if the men strike again.

"It will do the job buddy!" one neighbor said when holding up the pistol he keeps in his car.

Garcia hopes police make an arrest quickly so his family and this neighborhood can have peace of mind.

"We hope they catch them," Garcia said.

Right now Horn Lake police say the only description of the suspects is they were three men, driving a brown colored sedan. They are still investigating.

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