Cuts to Amtrak train service worries Memphis riders

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Proposed spending cuts could slash the federal budget and one of the items on the chopping block includes Amtrak.

People who rely on--and enjoy--taking the train are not happy about that option no longer being available if President Trump's initial budget is approved.

Amelia Dukes relies on riding the train to get to and from Chicago for her cancer treatments. The retired chef has stage four lung cancer.

"Trying to get rid of the C," she said. "Now I've got to figure out another way to go back and forth to my doctor's appointments."

Dukes said the Amtrak train is more affordable and reliable. And she's not alone.

"If he do that, that'll hurt us. That will hurt a lot of people," Dwayne Smith agreed.

Amtrak's CEO, Charles Moorman, said cutting its funding would affect 15 nationwide routes, including Memphis. It would cut off Amtrak service to more than 200 cities.

The possibility of the cuts leaves customers, and perhaps other cancer patients like Amelia Dukes, pleading for one thing.

"A whole lot of other things can be cut that's unnecessary," she said.

Moorman said he looks forward to working with President Trump and Congress to make sure they understand the importance of the quality service Amtrak provides.

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