Third 'bump and rob' victim describes scary situation

Third 'bump and rob' victim describes scary situation

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A third person came forward as the most recent victim of the "bump and rob" crimes that are happening in the early hours around Memphis.

Shelby Delaney and her boyfriend were driving home early Thursday morning from a late dinner when they were bumped by another car on Interstate 55 near East Shelby Drive.

"He came out with a gun and he told us to give him everything we had," she recalled.

Delaney said her encounter with the person who hit her car took a violent turn.

"I was really resistant and didn't want to give him anything, so he hit me upside with a pistol," she said. "I wouldn't give him my phone either, so he, like, wrestled me for it and he bit me."

Delaney is the third victim in two days to be involved in a car accident only to be robbed when pulling over to exchange insurance information. The other two crimes happened at I-55 and Brooks Road and I-240 and Walnut Grove Road.

"This isn't something that's been common here," Memphis Police Department spokesman Louis Brownlee said. "Three incidents and we have crashes that happen around town every day."

If you are in an accident and are suspicious about the circumstances, MPD urges you to follow these instructions:

1. Drive to a well-lit area. You do not have to pull over right away.

2. Call police.

3. Observe the occupants in the vehicle that hit you. Get the driver's description, vehicle description (make, year, and model), and license plate number.

4. Do not pull over to assess the damage unless there are other people around.

5. If you do get out of your car to exchange information, take your keys and other belongings with you.

"Knowing that area, I should have went on to Mississippi and went to a gas station or something and called police there," Delaney said. "I don't want to see anybody else innocent get hurt, you know? Because what if someone fights back worse than I did and they get shot?"

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