Fundraiser saves lives, supports Regional One Health

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Glitz and glamour were on display Saturday at the Cook Convention Center.

There was music, wine and people dressed to the nines, including WMC's Kontji Anthony, who joined others as they came together for an important cause.

The goal of the evening was helping to raise money supporting the lifesaving work at Regional One.

Alvin Levy knows how important that work is, since it saved his only son's life. In 2013, Corey was working as a pizza delivery man when three men robbed and shot him. Paramedics immediately rushed him to Regional One Hospital where he stayed in a coma for about a month. 

"It was horrific," Alvin said. "I was in shock. It was so traumatic."

Multiple surgeries later the scars, both physical and emotional, from that horrific day still linger. His father is grateful to the Regional One doctor who saved his life. They both had the chance to thank him in person during an emotional reunion.

"I was excited," Alvin said. "Excited to thank him in person. This was just a wonderful experience to go through."

The "One Night" event has grown every year since it started eight years ago. Now, more than a thousand people attend the gala because they know just how important the work that Regional One does.

"This event is amazing for Regional One," said co-chair Madelyn Gray.

"Memphis is a war zone," Alvin said. "Every day our young people are taking each other's lives. I don't understand it but many of them are going to wind up here. And if it wasn't for Regional One they wouldn't make it."

Regional One is hoping to raise about $125,000 from Saturday's event. That money will go towards modernizing the surgical center.

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