Potholes damage drivers' cars in Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Drivers are furious about potholes that line Memphis streets. The City is working quickly to fix the problem.

"I'm telling you it's deep and it's tearing up a lot of these rims here," motorist Ralph Chappell said.

Monday morning multiple potholes pockmarked a stretch of Thomas Road near Floyd. At least one driver was left with damage to their car.

Ralph Chappell said he's seen six to seven cars over the last several days damaged by the potholes.

Dana Martin was the latest victim. She was on her way to her job when she went over a pothole, popping her right front tire.

"Once you hit it once you won't hit it again because you definitely will be careful," Chappell said. "I was thinking about going there and filling it in myself."

In less than an hour after the potholes popped Dana Martin's tire, City of Memphis Public Works crews were out on the road filling the potholes that previously blighted the busy street.

Martin said the work was too late for her. Not only does she have a hole in her tire, she'll now have a hole in her wallet too. Her new tire will cost her around $200.

Chappell is happy he drives a larger vehicle that can sustain the bumpy ride that tore up Martin's tire.

"Luckily I got a truck and it didn't affect us," Chappell said. "But these cars with these smaller tires, it kind of tears them up."

The city and drivers are hoping now that these holes are filled quickly, improving the ride along Thomas Street.

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