Beaver builds dam in Midtown sewer grate

Beaver builds dam in Midtown sewer grate

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - If you're missing a beaver, you can find him in East Midtown building a dam!

Facebook user Star Ritchey posted this to her page:

The beaver is seen grabbing sticks and carrying them to a sewer grate in what looks like an effort to build a dam.

Memphis Public Works Director Robert Knecht said beavers can be a serious problem for cities.

"In the state of Tennessee beavers are a nuisance so there is really no guidelines on how to relocate them, you basically remove them. So what we generally do is if we do have beavers in the area we do a series of inspections to make sure there is no area where they can build a dam and create flooding problem."

Knecht also said beavers are not a frequent problem in Memphis. He said anyone who sees a beaver in the city should contact Public Works by calling 311.

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