Family: Infant gets chemical burn in Golden Corral's high chair

Burn left on baby's left leg. (Source: Family)
Burn left on baby's left leg. (Source: Family)

HORN LAKE, MS (WMC) - A Mississippi mother said her infant son was injured sitting in a high chair at a Horn Lake restaurant.

The mother said she, her son, and his grandmother went to Golden Corral on Saturday, April 1.  A waitress brought a high chair to the table, and the mother sat her son in the high chair.

When 1-year-old Hudson Bryant's grandmother picked him up, she noticed his pants were bleached, and he had a burn on his thigh.

"When they were leaving to get him out of the high chair, she noticed his pants were wet," mother Kayla Bryant said. "She looked down and saw that his black pants now had pink all over it because it dyed it or bleached it."

The family said there was some sort of chemical agent in the high chair that injured Bryant and ruined his clothes.

"For two days I couldn't touch his leg. It hurt for him to take a bath," Bryant said. "It hurt for me to put any kind of lotion on it. Like it hurt, for me to barely even touch him."

The family said Golden Corral's manager reimbursed her for the clothes that were ruined. However, she said when she approached the restaurant to pay for the child's medical fees, they stopped responding.

The mother said she wants more done to protect other babies from harsh chemicals at restaurants. She said she plans to hold the chain accountable for what she said took place.

"Wipe it down, cool - that's great," Bryant said. "Don't leave a puddle of whatever you're cleaning in it."

WMC Action News 5 spoke with the restaurants local manager. He declined to comment. We requested a statement from Golden Corral's corporate office. We have not received a response from the restaurant chain.

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