13-year-old girl escapes attempted kidnapping

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 13-year-old escaped an attempted abduction as she was walking home Wednesday night.

The 8th grade student left Bethel LaBelle Community Center and was walking home on LaBelle Street. Police said when the child reached Frisco Avenue, two men started following her.

They followed her until she reached Ketchum Avenue. That's when they tried to grab her.

"What happened to my daughter can happen to anyone," the child's mother Lenora Morris, said.

Morris knows her daughter, named Miracle, was a miracle after she safely escaped the attempted abduction.

"Because I could have lost my daughter," Morris said.

Miracle said the two men were riding in a dark gray van or SUV when they were following her and tried to kidnap her.

"He had his head tied up and he had on a hoodie she said," said the child's grandmother Patricia Quinie.

According to Quinie, the child had almost made it home when one of the men tried to kidnap her by grabbing her ankle.

"And she went to wiggling and they fell and when she went to doing this (demonstrates), he grabbed her and tore her blouse," Quinie said.

Thankfully, the child was able to get away.

Her mother said she fell trying to get away and cut her leg. She also bruised her neck.

"What kind of heart do you have to do what you did to a child?" Morris said.

Sam Malone is the area fruit man and happened to be in the right place at the right time.

"She was running towards me. It's just the panic of her running, pleading for help," Malone said. "I stopped when I recognized who it was and I made sure she got into my truck for safety."

Morris is grateful Malone stepped up and made sure her child was safe.

"Thank God for him. Thank God for him," Morris said.

Morris said mothers, especially those with girls, need to be careful. Now, Morris said her daughter will never walk home alone again.

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