Police want theft tag-team behind bars

(Source: Memphis Police Department)
(Source: Memphis Police Department)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Police want to get these women off the streets and behind bars.

They are suspected of robbing at least two East Memphis shop owners and may have even hit a yarn shop in Nashville.

"They're really good at what they do," said Yarniverse, owner Brenda Meece. "They're very, very engaging."

These two hustlers hit Meece's shop Yarniverse in East Memphis the day after they went in 7th Avenue in Chickasaw Oaks, taking the owner's wallet from her purse.

"They came in and said they were looking for a gift for their grandmother," said 7th Avenue owner Brenda Welch.

Meece heard a similar story at Yarniverse, telling her their grandmother was making a sweater for their new grandbaby.

The duo is an older woman and a female that could be a teenager or in her early 20's.

The thieves wait until a shop is about to close and go in and distract the owner.

"They were very animated and they kept you engaged," Meece said. 

Meece says while the older woman distracted her, the younger woman took a credit card and cash out of her wallet.

Right after that, police say the woman went to Target on Poplar in East Memphis and charged more than $1,100 on Meece's credit card.

The day before, they went to Target off Colonial in East Memphis with the credit cards from 7th Avenue and went on a $2,800 shopping spree.

"It makes you nervous and it does make you angry because you don't want them to run you off," Meece said. "You don't want to be afraid in your own shop."

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