Lantern walk held on Millington Naval Base to fight against sexual assaults

A Millington golf course was the site of many who gathered to light the way in the fight against sexual assault on Thursday night.

The lantern procession was held to express the fight against sexual assault, while paying tribute to a victim who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The lights that glowed inside the lanterns represented strength. It's the strength the community provides to every victim of sexual violence and sexual assault. It works to make sure the victims know they are not alone.

As the sun set over the Glen Eagle Golf Course, lanterns illuminated the path for the procession. It was a walk to remember a woman raped and killed over 30 years ago while on the Millington Naval Base.

"Millington is a small community, so it doesn't happen very often so when something like that does happen, it really sticks to the community," Lt. Monica Johnson said.

Thursday's walk not only honored Lance Corporal Suzanne Collins. It honored all victims of sexual crimes.

"It warms my heart to know that people are actually embracing these victims, and hearing them, and letting them have their voice," Johnson said.

Johnson is with the sexual assault prevention and response on the Naval Base and said last year there were 750 reported cases of sexual assault in the military.

On average, one in six people will become a victim.

"It's a big issue," Johnson said. "It's a national issue. It's not just military, it's everywhere. It's on college campuses, it's in the high schools, and we need to be open and willing to listen to these victims."

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