Sign still up for upcoming strip club despite shutdown

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It's Part 2 of a WMC Action News 5 investigation.

WMC-TV's Jerry Askin first got inspectors to shut down a strip club located not far from a church near Mendenhall and Mt. Moriah.

Now, his questions led to inspectors heading back out to the property after we learned the sign still hadn't come down.

Since our story last month, this sign still reads "Do Not Occupy" on the door. Yet a gated door has been put up.

"Yes, they need to take it down," said Jessica McGlothin, who lives nearby.

More than a month after county inspectors told property owners the building wasn't allowed to open as a strip club, the marquee is still up and a "coming soon" sign still stands.

All of this is near a church and apartments where kids usually play.

"It really is kind of tacky," said Rod Thompson, who lives nearby.

On Friday, we saw county inspectors at the vacant building. After a viewer complained about these signs being up, we've learned the owners will be cited for going against the sign permit.

Inspectors say they have 30 days to cover these signs, take them down, or appear in court.

"It's just not the right area for it," Thompson said.

WMC Action News 5 first brought this to county inspectors last month after several viewers complained about this building possibly opening as a strip club near a church.

Inspectors say the owners originally said they planned to open as a bar or a pawn shop. When we tried to get reaction from property owners last month, we were quickly shown the door.

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