'Spaceman' building, creating without the luxury of reading and writing

Palestine, Arkansas (WMC) - The search for a Memphis legend known as "Spaceman" has come to an end.

WMC Action News 5 met up with the man and found out that he's still up to his old tricks after all these years.

He was born Bryan Winford. However, decades ago he picked up the name "Spaceman" because of his ability to have constant ideas.

"I didn't like it at first, but the spirit that guides me said leave it like that because you're in the world, but you're not of the world," Spaceman said.

Winford said he now prefers the name Spaceman and there is something otherworldly about Spaceman. He's a deeply religious man who said he cannot read or write.

"I couldn't get a job because I couldn't fill out an application to get a job," he said.

Spaceman, who now lives in Palestine, Arkansas, once lived in Memphis. He made his living going from car lot to car lot making small repairs on vehicles. But his claim to fame is his voice activated, self driving, talking cars.

Those cars are damaged now after a storm blew through and they need repairs.

One of them has a current license plate on it.

He stopped working on it when his daughter died a couple of years ago.

"This is something I designed," he said.

His house is powered by batteries he built. His ideas never seem to stop. He's a kind of genius.

"The real genius is in my father in heaven. He created all of this stuff," Spaceman said.

He not only sees ideas everywhere, but also God.

"These dogs is the ones that alerts me. So, dog is God spelled backwards," he said.

Spaceman said he plans to get the cars running again.

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