Neighbors rattled by early morning homicides

Family members say Norman was shot and killed in front of his apartment complex (Source: family)
Family members say Norman was shot and killed in front of his apartment complex (Source: family)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police are investigating two overnight homicides.

One man was found dead in his car in Uptown and another man was found shot to death in Whitehaven.

Investigators said they haven't made any arrests and don't have any suspects.

Police tape, broken glass and even some blood remains at the scene in an alley near North Second Street where a man was shot and killed while he sat in car.

The alley behind Edge Biologicals off North Second Street was quiet Saturday afternoon, but it was far from quiet early Saturday morning.

"The shots came about 3:30 this morning," said Ciara Bills, whose mother lives nearby. "Like a lot of shots came, then there was a pause, then more shots were fired."

When police got to the scene to investigate, they found a man with multiple gunshot wounds sitting in a red Toyota.

Neighbors in the area said police were on the scene for hours, and family members stopped by early in morning, hysterical after learning of their relative's death.

"It was a lot of people out crying and screaming about it so it was really sad," Bills said.

Now she's rethinking what she does around her mom's house to make sure her family stays safe.

"It's scary because it's supposed to be a good neighborhood and it's close to downtown, a lot of tourism," Bills said. "You kind of, makes you second guess things and be extra careful about stuff. It's unfortunate that it happened, I'm sorry for the family."

The second Saturday morning homicide occurred in an apartment complex in the Whitehaven area.

Family members simply identified the victim as Norman and said he was shot and killed in front of his apartment Saturday at about 2:30 a.m.

The manager of the convenience store next to the apartment complex says it's a rough neighborhood.

"It could be me next time," Hilel Hauter said.

He showed WMC Action News 5 surveillance video from the store's camera. The video shows two cars entering the apartment complex, one the family identified as Norman's car entering just after 2 a.m., with another car following close behind it.

Minutes later the police arrive on scene. The family said they believe Norman was followed home and targeted. People said the violence around the city in just one night is too much.

"Another day in Memphis," one Memphian said.

"It's sad to say to kind of get used to it but you see it every day on the news, one after another, and I just wish the killing would stop," Bills said.

Memphis police said these homicides are number 51 and 52 in 2017. Last year at this time, Memphis had 56 homicides.

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