Tennessee loses road project money, Rail trolleys set to return downtown, Showers in the forecast, Grizz tickets giveaway

Good Wednesday morning!!

Here are some of stories we're following this morning:

The state of Tennessee has missed its chance to have 18 million federal dollars spent on road and bridge projects. Governor Bill Haslam's push to ban open containers on roads failed. Because it conflicts with federal open container guidelines, the money will have to go to drunk-driving enforcement instead of freeing the cash up for road projects.

Progress is being made to get the rail trolleys back up and running in downtown Memphis. May 8, MATA will start repairs to the cobblestone pavers and the tracks. The new trolleys are expected to be running by the end of the year.

A Tennessee state house committee approved a bill pushing for seat belts on new Tennessee school buses. The House also voted to pass a bill pushed by Governor Bill Haslam that would require regular check ups on bus drivers.

If you don't have tickets for tomorrow night's Memphis Grizzlies game,  Mike Conley has your back. The Grizz guard is giving away 500 tickets today! The tickets will be given away at FedEx Forum starting at 12:30 this afternoon.

Some foggy conditions out there this morning...warm and humid...we could see some showers today. Details on the day, the rest of the week and perhaps a shower or two this weekend. Weather and traffic no more than seven minutes away on WMC Action News 5 all morning.

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