Judge demands owners stop intruders entering vacant skyscraper

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - From fires to photo shoots, the vacant skyscraper at 100 North Main in Downtown Memphis is a sore spot for folks who live and work near the building.

Now a judge ordered extra protection against intruders to hopefully cut down on the problems at the building.

Signs around the vacant skyscraper read "no trespassing." But neither the signs nor the--now broken--fence are keeping vandals out.

Lance Johnson opened a new restaurant right across the street from the skyscraper, and he said it's becoming much more than just an eye sore.

"I look at it as a nuisance--and the vacancy the thinking of people loitering and what not--I think about how it could affect my business, especially with that fire last month," Johnson said.

Since January 2017, Memphis police officers have gone to the skyscraper 58 times. That's more than once every two days. Memphis Police Department was specifically called to crimes at the building 17 times.

Someone intentionally set the building on fire back in March.

Now, photographs shared on social media show people hanging out on top of the building despite it being closed and off limits to everyone.

Shelby County Environmental Court Judge Larry Potter ordered the building's owners to take extra measures to stop intruders: Doors accessible from the garage must be welded shut and all windows on Main and Adams boarded up.

Johnson said that's a step in the right direction.

Potter is not only making the orders, he's also checking the status of the security measures at the building .

The next court date is set for April 27th.

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