Fizdale reacts to NBA $30K fine

Fizdale reacts to NBA $30K fine

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The number is in on how much it'll cost Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach David Fizdale for his rant against the referees after Game 2 against the Spurs in the NBA playoffs.

How does $30,000 sound?

Fizdale really was quite matter-of-fact in talking about the big fine levied by the league Wednesday.

Fiz and the Griz are back in town at the Forum after opening their NBA Playoff Series with two hard losses at San Antonio.

The $30,000 fine is the result of Fizdale calling out the refs for the lopsided number of foul calls in favor of the Spurs so far.

Fizdale said it's the cost of doing business when sticking up for his team.

"I got a text message from Mike Conley about 4 in the morning when we landed thanking me." Fizdale said. "He was acting as the spokesman for the team and saying how much they really appreciated me having their backs."

Conley chimed in: "He didn't have to do anything. And, obviously there's a lot of emotions this time of year. He took it head on and we just thanked him for it."

"You know everything he said was true. He stuck up for us. And, that's the penalty you gotta pay, but it's the truth," said Zach Randolph.

Fizdale puts the capper on it with this: "Hey, if it rallies our fans, and it sounds like we're selling t-shirts right now and all of the money is going back into our community, it's worth it for me."

The Grizzlies are expecting their fans to pack the Grindhouse on Thursday night for Game 3.

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