Residents learn how to avoid scams

CORDOVA, TN (WMC) - Americans spent $7 billion in 2015 on scams.

On Friday, Cordova residents learned how to avoid being taking advantage of and the two most common ways people are being targeted.

Almost every one of us has received a call from someone claiming to be from the government or a utility company, but how do we know who is legitimate?

"You have to be more aware about how to spot fraudsters," said attendee Diane Cambron.  

Cambron's daughter was defrauded, and she's not alone. According to mobile communication applications provider Truecaller, phone scams are big business.

In 2015 they cost 27 million Americans more than $7 billion.

"With the world of electronic media, there are now ways being devised all the time cheating people out of their money," Cambron said.

"The key is to pause, to stop and pause and not do anything rash," said Cynthia Weil with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Weil said the most common scams now are the IRS and the "grandparent" scams, where someone poses as a family member and asks for money.

She said there's one surefire way to spot a scammer.

"They are going to ask you to immediately make a payment right then and there," Weil said.

Instead, she said call a family member or the bank to ask if it's legitimate so you do not become the next victim.

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