Blytheville tears down vacant, dilapidated homes

Blytheville tears down vacant, dilapidated homes

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (WMC) - The city of Blytheville has passed a resolution last month to get rid of over 200 vacant or blighted homes.

Officials say these homes are spread out in under-served areas of the city.

Mayor James Sanders says they've prepared a tentative list of old homes that they have identified.

However, Mayor Sanders says the main purpose of this project is to stop people from hiding and committing crimes inside these empty homes.

"It's an attempt to again number one it is to beautify, but it's also a deterring of crime," Mayor Sanders said. "To deter areas and underserved areas where people might try to hide or where criminal activity might be hiding."

Mayor Sanders also says they have sent letters to previous owners of these vacant homes before they demolish them.

He says they still have an opportunity to fix them if they choose to.

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