Attorneys battle over bond for Memphis businessman accused of rape

Attorneys battle over bond for Memphis businessman accused of rape

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A jury found him not guilty on three counts of aggravated rape, but a prominent Memphis businessman has not seen the last of his time in court.

Mark Giannini still faces two other rape charges and drug charges. He was back in handcuffs Thursday with the fate of his possible bond hanging in the balance.

"He's been held for 22 months, and it's time for him to go home and help us prepare for the next cases," Giannini's attorney Steve Farese said.

Giannini was found not guilty during the first of three rape trials against him, however, he still has other cases pending--including one where he's accused of bribing a witness.

That case is one of the reasons why prosecutors said they're against reinstating the $3 million bond requested by Giannini's attorneys.

Prosecutors said Giannini has already shown a disregard for bond conditions he was issued previously, including wearing a GPS ankle bracelet, having a curfew spanning 8 p.m. - 8 a.m., no travel outside Shelby County, and no contact with the victims.

"It was the GPS monitor itself that corroborated that there had been money exchanged in an attempt to locate the victim," prosecutor Carrie Bush said.

The prosecution said that wasn't the only strike against Giannini.

They said Giannini destroyed his cell phone in an attempt to get rid of evidence before being arrested. They did not included the cell phone statement in the previous bond hearings.

Giannini's defense team said the prosecution's concerns don't shake them.

"I think it's clutter and I think it will have nothing to do with the court's decision," Farese said.

The bond hearing is scheduled for May 3. Giannini's drug trial is set for September 11, and his next rape trial is scheduled for October 30.

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