Mr. Belding meets fans at Redbirds game

(SOURCE: Saved By The Bell NBC)
(SOURCE: Saved By The Bell NBC)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Hey, hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?

We'll tell you what's going on in Memphis this weekend: Mr. Belding stopped by AutoZone Park!

Dennis Haskins, who played the principal America fell in love with on "Saved By The Bell," was at the Memphis Redbirds game greeting fans as part of a 90s night promotion.

"Minor league baseball is family entertainment," Haskins said. "'Saved by the Bell' is family entertainment. Parents 22-44 who were watching 'Saved by the Bell,' now they are introducing their kids to the show. So I get to come and say thank you to all the fans who come and support the Red Birds and other minor league baseball teams around the country."

The former "Saved by the Bell" star says Memphis is one of his favorite cities and meeting the fans in the Mid-South is the best family.

"For me to get to come in and be part of something like the Redbirds organization, they have a huge turn out and the fans have reacted really strongly - which is exciting," Haskins said.

He said he loves doing events at minor league games, and he loves embracing the character he played for years on TV.

"I've been doing appearances at minor league ballparks for the last nine or 10 years because in the minor leagues - the teams, the guys come and go, but the entertainment is family entertainment," Haskins said. "So, Saved By The Bell was family entertainment."

Haskins said a large factor to the success of the show was the love that was put into the episodes and the effort behind it.

"I just did my best with the part I was given," he said. "We put a lot of love and effort into every episode because we just wanted to do our best, and I think that caring and caring about each other really came through - especially Mr. Belding."

Haskins said Mr. Belding always did what was right for the students.

"He always stood up for the kids," Haskins said. "He always did what's right for them, and I've very proud of that."

The show was his first TV series and each episode had a moral theme presented with comedy.

"Being the kind of father figure, but really just kind of - maybe best uncle or something. Because they all had really good parents. He had a lot of fun on Wednesday, but he had to be a principal on Thursday."

Saturday's game was also set to feature postgame fireworks.

"To get to meet people, that's unbelievable! To get to meet people and have them tell you what the show meant to them and how much they care about it and how much they appreciate what you do, loved your character, it's a wonderful thing," Haskins said.

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