100K bees build 5-foot hive in Memphis home

BARTLETT, TN (WMC) - Approximately 100,000 bees were removed from a Memphis home off Raleigh Lagrange on Saturday.

Papa T's Honey Bees posted pictures of the home to Facebook over the weekend. Papa T's is a Memphis business that rescues honey bee swarms and works with the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association to produce honey products.

"It's honey bees. It's one of the bigger ones I've seen," Tom Tompkins, with Papa T's Honey Bees, said.

Tompkins was the beekeeper that cut the bees out of the home. He said the homeowners called and had tried to patch the hole in the garage for about five years, hoping the bees would go away. They never did; instead they just kept buzzing.

"I went over. I kept cutting and moving up the wall until I exposed about five feet of honeycomb and hive," Tompkins said.

He said he found 2-3 hives worth of bees - about 100,000 in total.

He said this is the time of year where you might notice bees buzzing around your home. You should take note and watch where they go.

Tompkins said if they've made it into your home or garage, you have to seek the help of a professional.

"Once the bees get into your house, a lot of people want to kill them. But, if they've established a hive, you have to get the hive out of the house," Tompkins said. "If you just kill them, the wax and honeycomb will fall over time and create a bigger problem for you."

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Relocating bees is vital because bees are dying off around the world. One type of bee even became the first insect to ever be placed on the endangered species list.

Tompkins brought all the bees to his home in Germantown. He will keep them there before rehoming the hive--more than likely to a farmer.

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