Getting spam texts? Here's how to stop them

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - According to data from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency has recorded more than 10,000 complaints about unwanted robocall and telemarketing text messages.

Morey Haber, cybersecurity expert and vice president of technology for Beyond Trust, said consumers often unwittingly turn their numbers over to spammers' call lists.

"People will often opt in for text messages and not realize they've done so," Haber said. "This could be anything from buying something online to even going to a sporting event where the big board says, 'Text your favorite something to this number.'"

Haber said sometimes, spammers are generating texts through auto-dialers that are just phishing for responses.

"There are a wide variety of text message hacks that can occur today...everything from hactivism to actually (taking over) your phone with viruses and malware," he said.

If you don't remember "opting in" or subscribing to the sender of a text, do not click on its attachments or links. Haber added this: never, ever hit "opt out."

"When receiving a spam text or any text that's questionable, a user should never reply to the text itself," he said. "If they do and it's an auto-dialer, a hacker or a scammer, you've basically acknowledged that (your) number is active and (you've) given them a dialogue to continue the conversation or potentially target the attack."

You can always block the number of an unwanted text or call right from your "recents" call list.



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