VIDEO: Strangers rescue baby, 2-year-old from flooded truck following tornadoes

MYRTLE SPRINGS, TX (NBC) - A group of people rescued an infant and a 2-year-old who became trapped inside a truck that had flipped over as water rushed inside.

The entire rescue was caught on camera.

The heart-wrenching video shows a group of strangers who stopped to rescue the family outside of Myrtle Springs, Texas. The rushing water made it difficult to open the truck's doors.

The man who shot the video said the baby was limp and appeared to be turning bluish-gray when pulled from the vehicle.

At one point, the person taking the video put his phone in his pocket to assist in giving the baby CPR, but the recording continued. You can hear a woman nearby praying for Jesus to let the baby breathe.

The rescue happened shortly after tornadoes touched down in the area.

Both children did survive thanks to the people who stopped to help.

The man who took this video said he shared it because it shows strangers coming and working together.

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