Storms damage Memphis, but no lives lost

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Thousands of MLGW customers remain without power after storms swept through the Mid-South over the weekend.

The line of storms spawned tornadoes, created flooding, and killed more than a dozen people in 16 states. Nobody in Memphis was killed, but trees were upended, knocking out power to thousands.

Power lines dangled into the street on Shady Grove Road near Brierview Road.

The electrical outages caused Christian Brothers High School and Lakeland School System schools to cancel classes Monday.

Harold Cohn has lived in the neighborhood 50 years, and he knows these old trees are no match for Mother Nature.

"Across the street it never goes out but over here it does, so we just have to go with it but sometimes we're lucky," Cohn said.

Someone else hoping to get lucky: scammers. They used the bad weather as an opportunity to prey on residents who need repairs after the storm.

The Better Business Bureau cautioned homeowners about storm chasers that may come door-to-door soliciting service.

"When those things happen we communicate with each other," neighbor Thomas Wright said. "Sometimes we just tell them to leave or a lot of times we just call the police and let them handle it."

MLGW crews had hoped to restore power to everyone by Sunday evening, but clean-up took much longer.

"I think they are doing a great job, is it going to take a while? Yes, but it already looks better than it did," Wright said.

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