Germantown school district offers $25M to SCS for 3 schools

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - Germantown Municipal School District (GMSD) wants to buy the three heritage Germantown schools from Shelby County Schools.

GMSD said its negotiation team met with SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hopson at 3 p.m. Tuesday to talk about purchasing Germantown Elementary, Middle, and High schools.

"Our meeting was extremely pleasant and we hope to work to some type of solution," Germantown Mayor Mike Palazzolo said.

GMSD offered to purchase the three schools at once for $25,000,000 from SCS. If SCS is not willing to sell all three schools at once, the school district said it would entertain a counter-proposal for the purchase of each school individually.

You can view the entire proposal here:

GMSD superintendent Jason Manuel said the district is willing to work with SCS.

"All things are negotiable. We want to just get to the table with them," Manuel said. "There is a sense of sentimentality, of nostalgia for those schools."

Shelby County Schools responded to the offer and said the entire board would need to vote on the offer.

Superintendent Hopson and Board Chair Caldwell met with representatives from the Germantown Municipal School District today who made an official offer to purchase the Germantown Elementary, Germantown Middle, and Germantown High school buildings.  A  vote by the entire Shelby County Schools Board would be required in order for an offer to be considered for the purchase any District-owned property.  We expect the Board to discuss the matter further and advise on next steps at an upcoming public meeting.

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