Picture of students depicted as Nazis printed in middle school yearbook

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - Germantown Municipal School District is investigating a photo that was reportedly printed in the Houston Middle School yearbook. Parents started questioning the image when someone posted it to a Facebook group thread.

The photo was part of a project called Facing History that is statewide. But it seems that context was not included in the yearbook.

GMSD released a detailed statement about the picture. Click here to read that statement.

The photo shows students dressed as Nazis. One child has a military hat with a Nazi symbol and a Hitler-like mustache. Above their heads is written "We Remember."

The photo, according to the person who posted it, came from the Houston Middle School yearbook. Those parents are angry about that photo.

"I am horrified that children at HMS were dressed as Nazis and Hitler and doubly horrified it was chosen for the yearbook," one parent wrote.

Another wrote "Could it have been a play? Or part of a class project?"

The school district said it was investigating the context of the image. The district said its first priority is a thorough investigation before they would comment on the photo.

The photo was first posted on a Germantown Municipal School District Facebook group, but has since been deleted.

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