More than 100 animal lives saved thanks to special flight out of Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A flight out of Memphis saved more than 100 animals' lives.

Millions fly out of Memphis every year to places like New Orleans and New York, but on Wednesday, 160 special passengers boarded a plane at Signature Flight Support on a trip to freedom.

Kerry Facello, director of West Memphis Animal Services, helped pack up more than 100 rescue cats and dogs for their trip from almost certain death to forever homes in the Pacific Northwest.

"The sad reality is that many, many of these pets would be euthanized,"  Facello said.

The flight was part of a collaborative effort between Wings of Rescue and several other groups and it's not cheap.

It will cost around $15,000, which was paid through a combination of public and private partners. It is money well spent, because in just five days, most of these animals will have homes.

But it's not only the pets whose lives are forever changed.

"They get a forever home, but the quality of your life is so enhanced with a great pet," Facello said.

Facello is happy these pets will find homes, but she said to make sure many more flights aren't needed, owners need to spay and neuter their pets.

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