Fiery plane crash captured on video

Fiery plane crash captured on video

Mukilteo, Washington (WMC) - It was a shocking sight for motorists in Washington as they sat at a traffic light on Tuesday.

It's not every day you capture a plane crash on camera, but one motorist did just that.

According to NBC affiliate KING, the small-engine Piper PA32 crashed in Mukilteo, Washington along a busy highway.

The plane crashed not long after taking off from the runway at nearby Paine Field.

The car dashcam captured the moments the small plane clips a power line and then crashes into a ball of fire on the ground.

Two people were on board the plane, including the pilot. The two individuals were not injured, according to CNN.

According to CNN, the plane took off around 3:30 p.m. and then started having engine problems shortly afterward.

According to CNN, the plane started to lose power and the pilot was not able to return to the airport. The pilot attempted to land the plane on a clear road. The collision ruptured a fuel cell and caused the explosion that the dashcam captured on video.

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