Thieves target Memphis liquor stores

Thieves target Memphis liquor stores

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Crooks have been hitting liquor stores in Memphis and getting away with cash from the store and customers.

Wednesday night around 9:30 p.m., a crook with an apparent thing for the alphabet, burst into Midtown Wine and Liquors. He held out a silver handgun and yelled "give me the money!"

The clerk opened the cash register and handed over the money. Then the crook asked for the backup stash. The clerk said there is no backup stash. Then the robber told the clerk to lie on the floor and recite his ABC's.

Then a week ago, at Leno's Liquor on Summer Avenue around 9 p.m., another robbery. That gunman was captured on surveillance video.

Sam Patel, of Leno's Liquor, said five customers were ordered to get on the ground.

"Gun. Everybody seen that and everybody got down on the floor and give their money," Sam Patel, Leno's Liquor, said.

The clerk handed over money too.

Liquor store owners said there has been a string of recent robberies and it's pretty scary. Most liquor stores are open spaces with the alcohol out and the clerk behind the counter.

But not all of them. Some liquor stores have taken extreme measures by putting in bulletproof glass and the liquor comes out of a chute, so you never have access to the clerk.

"The clerk has to remain safe." customer Gregory Sydney said. He said he stays away from liquor stores without the extra protection.

It's not clear if there is surveillance video from the Midtown Wine and Liquor robbery.

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