Liquor store owners wonder if killed robber is responsible for recent robbery spree

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Police identified the robber who was shot and killed during a liquor store hold up, but investigators have not said if he is the man responsible for a spree of local liquor store robberies.

Memphis Police Department identified the robber as Louis Ray, 46. They said an employee at I-40 Liquor on Macon Road shot and killed Ray when he tried to rob the store Saturday night.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents said they were investigating a string of eight Memphis liquor store robberies with the same modus operandi.

FBI agents have not said if Ray could be the man responsible for the eight liquor store robberies.

Matt May works at Budget Liquor on Summer Avenue. His store was robbed back in March; it was the first location hit in the robbery spree.

He said he immediately wanted to know if the I-40 Liquor attempted robbery was connected.

"I said hmmm...I emailed the detective in charge and he couldn't confirm that it was him or not," May said. "I want to see a picture to see if it's actually someone that has been in our store before."

Employees with I-40 Liquor would not comment on camera, but they told WMC Action News 5 that the employee involved in the incident this weekend is doing OK.

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