ANDY'S CONSUMER TIP OF THE DAY: air duct & mold cleaning services

ANDY'S CONSUMER TIP OF THE DAY: air duct & mold cleaning services

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - In my experience, the most common air duct/mold cleaning scams start with bait-and-switch advertising.

It's typically a flyer or a newspaper ad. Pock-marked with pictures of critters, "mold alerts" and other scare tactics, it offers a total mold house cleaning, including a scouring of the air ducts, at some incredible price -- usually $89 or $99.

If you take the bait, what happens is something like our investigation of All Season's Restorations, which was also Clean Indoor Air, LLC. This scam was so prolific and reckless, it made my segment twice under two names. We caught them under hidden cameras lying about the conditions of our test home, which was already inspected and cleared of any mold by certified air duct and mold services. Their crews also did not carry the requisite license or certification to do the work. In some cases, they didn't carry any credentials period.

When considering air duct cleaning or mold inspection/remediation companies, you should not only research their state licenses (corporate, county business tax, contractor's license if applicable) and Better Business Bureau histories, but also check to see if they are certified by one of these organizations:

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