Judge denies bond for Mark Giannini

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - After an emotional trial last week, Memphis businessman Mark Giannini was back in court Wednesday.

A judge decided to keep Giannini's bond revoked after he was found not guilty in his first rape trial.

Giannini never took the stand during his trial, but the judge called him and his friend to testify about threats against a juror. Giannini and his attorneys requested a $3 million bond for Giannini under house arrest and GPS monitoring.

Giannini is awaiting trials for two other rape cases, a drug case, and an attempted bribery case.

Prosecutors argued against giving Giannini a bond, citing his accused history of tampering and intimidation, which they said should keep him in jail.

The Court decided to deny Giannini's bond by citing they need to "assure the defendant's presence to answer the remaining charges and protect the administration of justice, including the safety of the alleged victims."

The Court will again reevaluate the bond at the conclusion of the next trial, which will be unnecessary should Giannini be found guilty.

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