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2.66-carat diamond found in Arkansas

(Source: Arkansas State Parks) (Source: Arkansas State Parks)
(Source: Arkansas State Parks) (Source: Arkansas State Parks)

A 25-year-old found a 2.65-carat diamond while celebrating her birthday.

Victoria Brodski and her family visited Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park from their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday.

Brodski wanted to visit about the park after hearing about the 7.44-carat diamond found in March.

After entering the park, she found the diamond in less than 10 minutes. At first, she thought it was just a piece of glass. Hours later, she showed it to the park’s staff who confirmed it was a real diamond.

Brodski’s diamond is the second-largest found in 2017.

“Mrs. Brodski’s diamond is one of the more beautiful brown diamonds I’ve seen from the park,” park interpreter Waymon Cox said. “It’s about the size of a bead, with a dark brown color, like raw honey. It has a smooth, rounded surface and appears free of blemishes, inside and out.”

As for her plans with the diamond? She said she has no plans to keep it.

“We made a contract before we came, that we would split anything we found among the four of us,” Brodski said.

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