1,500 clowns reside inside for sale Canadian home

1,500 clowns reside inside for sale Canadian home

(WMC) - A quaint Canadian home is causing a stir online thanks to its unique interior--a design choice that will cause nightmares for any coulrophobes.

The two bedroom, one bath home is located in Ontario. It's listed for $239,900.

The home is bungalow style with a detached garage and a fenced in backyard.

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In all honesty, the home has excellent curb appeal, but nothing that would have a news station in Memphis, Tennessee, writing a story about it.

The international intrigue results when you open the front door and walk inside.


Clowns everywhere!

The inside of the home is filled with all sorts of clowns. Clown plates, clown dolls, clown tapestry...you name it, and there's a clown on it.

The son of the owner of the home told Vice that there's a good reason the home is filled with clowns.

He said his stepdad had a drinking problem, and so, to deter him, his mother bought a clown every time his stepdad had a drink.

He estimated that the home has more than 1,500 clowns.

Still, the plethora of clowns has not hurt the homes resale value. The realtor told BBC he's already received several offers for the home. He said the clowns may even drive up the price, because now out-of-town buyers are interested in the home.

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