Education leader in hot water after profanity-filled recording surfaces

Education leader in hot water after profanity-filled recording surfaces

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - His job is to represent Shelby County educators, but a recording has surfaced that puts one representative in the hot seat.

Some are even calling for Keith Williams, executive director of Memphis Shelby County Education Association, to apologize or step down.

One board member said the recording may be a sign that Williams needs to go.

In the recording, sources say he's referring to women on his own board.

Excerpts of the recording are as follows:

KW: "She's a lie and she a s*** stirrer and I hope that she dies and goes straight to hell because I don't have nothing to do with it."
Woman: " Keith don't say that."
KW: "Why would you lie - honey I have been around too long to let a b**** lie on me "

KW "It ain't going to happen. I'll see you in hell first!"
Man: "Keith hold on a minute before you have a heart attack."
KW "I ain't going to have a heart attack but I ain't gonna have these b**** lying on me."

Williams confirmed the incident took place this year before an internal election.

Election Chair Calvin Burrows says he was in the room at the time and he is deeply appalled by Williams' comments.

"This was an election for president and board of directors and he was referring to some of the ladies on the board," Burrows said. "They should be very concerned about that! There should be an outcry about that."

He said a verbal outlash like that is unacceptable for an educational leader in a professional setting. Burrows is now calling for Williams to clean up his act or step aside.

"In this day and time, we tell children not to use that word," Burrows said. "If children use that in the classroom, then they are put out of school, then they are suspended."

Williams did not go on camera for this story. He said his lawyer suggest it is best not to while they investigate who recorded his voice.

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