Questions surround SCS sale of Germantown heritage schools

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - For the first time, Shelby County Schools officials are speaking on the prospect of selling the three Germantown heritage schools.

The deadline for the SCS board to make a decision is fast approaching, but the fate of Germantown elementary, middle and high schools is still undecided.

Shelby County Schools Board Chair Chris Caldwell said there are still important questions that need to be answered.

"Questions come up so we are getting our staff to come back to answer all the relevant questions," Caldwell said.

Caldwell said the offer was discussed in a recent Facility Committee meeting.

The board has a list of questions they are working to get answered, such as the amount of maintenance cost that would be avoided by selling the schools, how long a reasonable transition for students would take, and details on student zoning.

"We'll get to where the board feels like it has enough information to make a decision," Caldwell said.

The offer from Germantown Municipal schools came earlier this month, and though SCS was given a deadline to reply by the end of May, Caldwell said that deadline came with wiggle room.

"They were very kind in telling us it was their request for a deadline but they were open for alternatives," Caldwell said.

It has been made clear by Germantown Municipal School officials that they are experiencing overcrowding in their elementary and middle schools. This deal could be a solution to those issues.

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