Experts: Soil to blame for falling trees

Experts: Soil to blame for falling trees

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A number of trees fell in the Mid-South, some landing on cars, as rain came through the area Friday.

Tree experts said there are some warning signs you can take heed to in order to avoid being next.

The culprit for all the downed trees? Soil.

Andrew Williams, with Memphis Tree Service, said the company went to approximately six different calls of trees falling on property in the past week.

He said the soil could be to blame.

"Ninety percent of your root systems are only about two feet deep, so you couple that with the high rain volume and high winds, and these top heavy trees can just go over," Williams said.

Williams said things such as fungus growth can also impact a tree's roots. That weakens them and makes it more likely the trees will topple.

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